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Hair Care Tips

Heat Warning 
Avoid daily excessive hot tool use and oily products on the hair... Treat it as your own!
Curly Hair 
For CURLY hair, refresh curls daily by using a spray bottle mixed with conditioner. Detangle only using a wide tooth comb starting from ends to root. Apply weightless curling cream to define curls. 
Washing Tips
Babes it is HIGHLY suggested you cowash your extensions before installation! It is very important you treat your extensions like it is your own. Be sure to use quality shampoo and conditioner. Start by detangling hair ends to roots. Lightly massage shampoo into hair with conditioner and rinse with cool water to seal the hair follicles and reduce shedding.
    When washing and detangling your hair, its BEST to use a wide tooth comb. You can wash your hair as much as you’d like. To maximize the life of your hair, deep conditioning at least once every 2 weeks is suggested. For deep conditioner SILICON MIX conditioner is recommended. Wash hair as normal and apply mix to a bucket/ sink of warn water and submerge your hair into it. Let sit for 35-25 minutes and rinse with cold water. Allow hair to air dry for best results. 
      Bed Time Care
      Before bed I highly suggest brushing your hair and placing it in a few large braids or flexi rods if you have a wavy texture. If you have straight extensions, simply wrap your hair and place a silk scarf on top. For all wavy and curly extensions, applying a leave in conditioner cream while the hair is wet is highly recommended. 
        Lace Wigs |Closures |Frontals
        It is very important to treat your lace with special care. The hair is only attached to the lace by tying a knot with each individual strand, meaning it is very delicate. With proper care, lace can be reused up to 5 times before replacing. Keep in mind, they will shed overtime.